19/04/2013 Prof. Wang's PhD student Narges received the approval of her VC’s research scholarship extension for six months. Narges is an excellent and productive researcher and she deserves it.

19/04/2013 Physics talks to chemistry! When I worked on the manuscript on the positron-electron annihilation spectra of fluorinated methanes this afternoon, a word just pumped out of my mind---“docking”. Yes, docking from my drug design project! It is exactly the word I looked for ages to describe how the electron density fits in the potential well in physics!

19/04/2013 Prof Prince’s Public Lecture went very well today. The bilateral international collaboration received significant support from the VC (Prof. Linda Kristjason), DVC (Prof. George Collins) and PVCs (Prof. Ajay Kapoor and Prof. Matthew Bails) of Swinburne and the Italian Embassy. The Scientific Attache, Prof. Oscar Moze of Italian Embassy in Canberra came to Melbourne to show his support for this collaboration.

12/04/2013 Prof. K. Prince from Elettra Sinchrotrone (Italy) visits SUT. Kevin is recently appointed Adjunct Professor of Swinburne. He will delivers a Public lecture entitled "New light sources: probing the material wold with Synchrotrons and Free Electron Lasers", featuring the newest leading technology in the world. Read story

07/04/2013 Dr. A. Ganesan awarded his hard earned PhD degree with excellent examiners reports (no changes needed and minor changes). The title of his research thesis is "Understanding the structure-property relationships of amino acids-the molecular building blocks of life" and he has published six refereed journal articles. Congratulations Dr. Aravindhan! Dr. Ganesan is the FIFTH PhD student supervised by Prof. Feng Wang since 2008!!

02/04/2013 I received an e-mail from Prof. Henrik G. Bohr of Denmark to appreciate the contributors’ efforts on the special issue Current Physical Chemistry (Hot Topic) in his honor (CPC. V3. No.1-2 April 2013). My PhD student M. Ahmed and myself contributed an article entitled “Vibrational Spectroscopy and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bond Network of (Didehydro)Deoxycytidine Nucleosides”. Henrik is the grandson of N. Bohr!

19/03/2013 Dr. A. Kocsis (Design), myself (Prof.  F. Wang) (FLSS) and A/Prof. S. Maddison (FICT) submitted the article entitled “Creating space for innovation” to Swinburne Research. 

18/03/2013 Prof. Wang's PhD Students, Ms. N. Mohammadi and Ms. Q. Arooj departed to Triestre (Italy) to conduct experiments with Prof. K. Prince at Elettra Sinchrotrone in Italy!

27/02/2013 Prof. Wang attended the last experiment of high accuracy X-ray absorption (The Last Adventure) at the Photon Factory in Tsukuba, Japan, along with other physicists and chemists from other Melbourne Universities. Along with other researchers, Prof. Wang spent six days experimenting. At the conclusion of the experiment, she was invited to witness the 'Closing Celebration Ceremony' at the Photon Factory. It marks the end of 25 years of significant collaboration between researchers from Australia and Japan. Read story

19/02/2013 Prof. Wang delivers her invited research seminar at Faculty of Science & Engineering, Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan). The title is "“Recent progress in positron-electron annihilation processes of molecules and in ferrocene studies." This research trip to Waseda stimulate international collaboration on positron-molecule studies.

04/02/2013 Prof. Wang was invited by the Chemistry Discipline Network to meet at the University of Sydney to contribute to the discussion on “Demonstrating a knowledge of, and applying the principles and concepts of chemistry”. The trip was funded by the Network.

04/01/2013 Today is Prof. Wang's ten years anniversary at Swinburne University of Technology.

25/01/2013 Dr. A. P. Wickrama Archilage awarded her hard earned PhD degree (Jan 2013). The title of her research thesis is "Investigation of the electronic structures of bioactive benzene derivatives and cyclic dipeptides" and she has published five refereed journal articles. Congratulations Dr. Anoja!

2013: Prof. Wang receives funding from the International Synchrotron Access Program of Australia Synchrotron to perform experiments in Elettra-Sinchrotone Triestre (Italy) in 2013. The Italian synchrotron facilities become a research student training station for Swinburne PhD students! So far, four PhD students traveled to Italy for the experiments and the fifth student will travel to Italy in a couple of months time.